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I have scanned a few diff. formats (psd, pdf, jpegs, tif, etc) and it works just fine on every one of them with an exception: for tif, I had to use its “save as” to get the results, as VueScan made more sense of the pixels in the tif.

The “softdoc” and “harddoc” settings for Epson’s “PDF Transcod” feature have moved to a more- or less two page-wide area of the VueScan window to the right of the page display window. This is a big step forward over the previous versions. I’m not sure how it affects the settings that you can do with this feature, though. Since you had to set these settings separately before the PDF flag settings, I’m not sure if the new positioning of the flags makes these configurations easier or harder to set. (It might make it easier, I guess.)

There are options now to configure the output settings of VueScan. They are located in the Configuration menu under “options” or “settings.” There are three new sections: File Format, Resolution, and Colormap. The default settings for these are not very useful, but they are color space definitions, so you can at least get the settings to fall out of sequence to your taste. This is all you need to do if you want to scan with one of the supported scanners. You don’t have to bother with anything else and the output format will be right.

This version I used to determine if Epson Scan and VueScan work best together or not, as I have always felt they both did, but using the Epson Scan GUI produces results that are consistently best. At this point you would have to decide if the additional technology in the latest version of VueScan is worth a premium. You might get a better film feed if you adjust the speed to suit the scanner, but I haven’t checked that yet. Maybe I should see if SilverFast has such a feature.

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This is an excellent article. I have been using a Scanworks Flash, a much cheaper alternative to VueScan. I find the fan to be loud, the actual scanning to be a bit slow, and it is set in a position that I am unable to reach easily without blowing out my shoulder. Having used both VueScan and Coolscan 5000, I like the latter more. However, even with its dual memory cards, it does not produce images of the quality I was able to get when scanning on a scanner at home. The best scanner I found is the Paterson P 5400. I can buy it without a scanner for $279. Was surprised by the quality it produces.

Thanks very much for writing this article! I used VueScan (in Windows7) to scan my negatives and scanned before this article was available, and it was surprisingly good. But I found the feature settings to be less than optimal, and each time I needed to tweak things (such as cleaning scanner windows), I was disappointed. So I’ve switched to Coolscan 5000, which also does an excellent job, but I’m afraid I can’t find an equivalent scanning program for macOS. I’d be interested in learning what you recommend, if you can share. I have files with over 1.2 million rows (as I only took 6 of each slide), so I need to clean those up as well. I am on a programmatic heavy email list, so if there are any email addresses you are comfortable with, I’ll send them to you if you want to trade wisdom, or you can drop me an email.

how to check scanner for cleaning. , but I’ve switched to Coolscan and I love it. , but I use my VueScan to scan negatives and export to Lightroom. I have over 1 million negatives, and VueScan is the best way to edit them. , but no issues with the software. , but it’s free and it works well. , but I also like the ease of scanning in it. , but it scans better than most.

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VueScan Review

Do I have to feel guilty for accepting a free copy of VueScan? No. I used to and still do enjoy going down that proverbial service road. Why not? I’m one of the many who became involved in the silver photography industry in the late 80’s. I bought my first Olympus D200 in 1991 (Digital Ltd.). I knew nothing of scanners and silver photography. To work my way up from the bottom, I started out scanning and adjusting the images on my D200 in Vuescan. It was a painful learning experience. It was easy, though, to work with my own custom adjustments and the internet was just beginning. I learned so much as I went about scanning and adjusting images. Eventually, I gained enough confidence that I started to experiment with a lot of other programs, too. I’ve used Vuescan for over five years now and still enjoy working in it. When I’m scanning, which I try to do a little on a regular basis, I think of Vuescan. It’s the best.

One of the biggest questions I get from people using VueScan for the first time is: “How do I get a decent scan?” Most scanners have built-in software optimized to work with the hardware; if it doesn’t do the trick, the software can be far better than the bare scanner.

If you’re considering buying Patched VueScan Version, be sure to first check the file format menu. Some scanners have the option of exporting files as bitmap, but it’s generally offered in only two file formats. For prints, you should choose the TIFF format. For web use, the GIF format is generally a better choice, even on a monitor where it looks acceptable. I would recommend that you spend a little time playing with it before you buy it. The quality of prints and color separation and sharpness of photographs in a scanned file depend on the raw data that the software brings in; if you can get the results you want, you’ll get better results from other software.

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VueScan Features

VueScan Features

  • Scan quickly with customizable presets and adjustable properties for each type of scan you perform.
  • Scan documents, JPEG and PNG images, as well as PDF, PostScript, and XPS files.
  • Save or e-mail scanned documents for extra convenience.
  • Save and organize scanned images with multiple folders.
  • Scan to TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and PNG files. Format conversion to RGB, CMYK, or grayscale is performed if necessary.
  • Fully customizable settings for fast, accurate scans of barcodes, text, and graphics.
  • Multiple image compression levels, maximum resolution of 3200 dpi (dots per inch), and dpi scaling

VueScan System Requirements

VueScan System Requirements

  • Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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