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Because the IProgress interface was declared in the mscorlib assembly, it is not supported in the.NET Framework client profile. Beginning in the.NET Framework 4.6, the IProgress interface is supported in the client profile, and can be used as is. Calling methods that use IProgress will be deprecated in a future release.

In the.NET Framework 4.5, the Hashtable.ComputeIfPresent method did not call the getter when the key was present in the table; in the.NET Framework 4.6 and later, the method does call the getter, but only if the key was not present in the table.

The.NET Framework 3.5 and earlier supported multiple app domains with the same identity, without conflict. However, each time a message was sent to an object in an application domain, it was “pushed” to all the application domains in the type’s assembly, and sent to all the application domains in all assemblies that contained the type’s type information. Beginning in the.NET Framework 4.5, this behavior changed, and the sending of message is now performed only to the application domains in the type’s assembly, not to other application domains. This change is done by a new class, System.AppDomainPermissionSet, which allows the setting of PermissionsRequired to tell an app domain to process a message.

Starting with.NET Framework 4.6, the runtime now uses the Default Configuration File for user-provided configuration data. The Default Configuration File is used by the CLR’s default configuration ApplicationNameAttribute . The default application name is used to set the application directory and each application domain has its own default Application Name. Starting with.NET Framework 4.6, this behavior can be overridden by specifying a different configuration file.

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In.NET Framework 4.6, the exception message parameter of AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException still indicates the thread in which the exception was thrown, but the exception message is always the same. If you use code that casts a Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.CorrelationEvent to Exception, which calls an internal helper class to create an exception and then throws that exception, an ArgumentException is always thrown. If you use code that throws the actual exception that it creates, an UnhandledException is always thrown. The following code always throws an UnhandledException even when the first line is removed. The second line is required to cause a TypeLoadException.

In.NET Framework 4.8 version prior to the October 2019 update, the exception type returned by the GetTypeInfo() method on the exception itself is not a System.Type, but a System.TypeInfo, and you can’t call one on the other.

The.NET Framework REST Service (REST-Service) protocol is extended to support use of Unicode in parameter names, query parameters, and request bodies. The protocol allows Unicode characters to be included in parameter names, request bodies, and URI query strings. Unicode characters within a URI’s query string are encoded using RFC3986 and can be used to form a URI without needing to quote them. The RFC3986 encoding is used to encode data submitted in request bodies that are not reserved, in addition to the RFC3986 encoding used to encode the URI.

Windows System.Warnings API has been extended to emit an informative but non-critical error message in several common scenarios where a warning would normally be emitted. This functionality was already provided by Visual Studio and other.NET compilers. In prior releases, these warnings were treated in the same way as other error messages. To avoid making the programming experience less productive, the errors are still emitted and handled in the usual way.

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Microsoft .NET Framework Features

Microsoft .NET Framework Features

The.NET Framework libraries (files) themselves (such as System.dll) are now built using more, uh, compact delivery technologies. The most popular such technique is Application Virtualization with the Portable Class Library, or PCL. An additional benefit is that the size of these.NET Framework libraries is now less than before. Obviously, this is a good thing if you are building apps for Windows Store (meaning Windows Phone) because it means that apps will take less space in the installation.

There are also some modest improvements in the way the.NET Framework works with Windows. One of the most noticeable is that the.NET Framework now claims to support Silverlight 5. Silverlight was Microsofts cross-browser plugin technology, and this enhanced support for it includes a de facto support of Microsofts new Xbox One game console.

So, what do you need to do to take advantage of these improvements? Pretty much nothing, really. Simply install the latest version of the.NET Framework on your Windows computer. Installing that version will install the library files as well. If any other software (such as Visual Studio) are already installed, they will update to take advantage of those enhancements. There are a few enhancements to the.NET Framework itself to take advantage of, but you can read more about them on the.NET Framework Homepage.

As far as we know, the next version of the.NET Framework, version 4.6.1, will be an even newer version of the framework than this one. Microsoft has promised improved XAML support, among other things. Stay tuned for future releases!

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What’s new in Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Requires Visual Studio 2015 or later.
  • System.Windows.Controls.TextBlock was renamed to System.Windows.TextBlock.
  • There is a bug in the.NET Framework where System.Windows.UIElement.IsEnabled property set to true can cause System.Windows.Controls.TextBlock to lose its size and layout.

Microsoft .NET Framework System Requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework System Requirements

  • Minimum 2 GHz processor.
  • 192 MB of RAM.
  • Minimum of 21.5 GB of free disk space.

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