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An organization that wishes to evaluate the cost of desktop software can use an evaluation template that can be made available with the publication of the study. A template is available at For each application to be evaluated, an evaluation template is developed by adapting and tailoring the template. These templates are described in detail in’s wiki: Evaluation Template .

For all applications, the evaluation is done with a special analysis tool. For each application, the evaluation is based on the technical support provided, its usability, available documentation, ease of installation, and learning curve. The various criteria are measured with a numeric scale, for each of the applications. The criteria are presented to the user in a graphical way, to make it easy for the user to assess the applicability of open source software for their own purposes. The evaluation tools are also used to analyze the SLA library .

To measure the impact of the technology choices, we need to consider the choice of OpenOffice as software platform. Therefore, is used in the study. provides the server software and also the client software. Even though offers free documentation, we still find it more practical to use the online documentations.

Individuals that wish to assess the different products are invited to participate. The individual’s interests (occupation, existing familiarity with using are considered during the study. Individuals or organizations that wish to participate in this study must develop an account, using the wiki: FAQ: Account before they are allowed to submit the results.

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The website offers further information on this version. OpenOffice 3.4.1 requires the following external libraries: OpenJPEG library: openjpeg-2.2.3.jar,,,,,,,,,,, (and a few more)

Lastly, the I2A acronym that OpenOffice has used through the years was replaced by a new look at OpenOffice 3.4. We have rolled this theme to all of OpenOffice 4’s products including Calc, Impress, Math, Base, and Writer. Going forward, we plan to rebrand only via a project kickstarter campaign to fund our future marketing and the continued development of LibreOffice. If you want to learn more about this I2A acronym and this new look at OpenOffice, join the FREE LibreOffice Next Generation Discussions (LND) group on Telegram . is not an open source project, although it might suggest that. In fact, the core members are a number of corporate giants. OpenOffice itself is a licensed product and can be legally used but not distributed freely. This is a formula Microsoft adopted a decade ago as a strategy to poach developers and gain market share.

Microsoft has a direct influence over the development process, for example, by giving the leadership thousands of dollars a year to funnel development time. That process is not open to everyone.

What is important is that people like you can independently contribute to the development of OpenOffice. OpenOffice developers, be they volunteers or paid, get almost no additional income from this process. Without these contributions, OpenOffice would not exist today and would have had a very different form.

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Who Uses OpenOffice and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses OpenOffice and Why Is It Important?

Before the adoption of, the FPS Economy had its office suites on Microsoft Windows. In addition to Office, the FPS Economy used other office applications, such as Lotus Notes, on Windows.

Using these tools and technologies, the FPS Economy succeeded in migrating from Windows to Linux. The FPS Economy now has a customized open source office suite that is customized to their applications and in which all data and user applications can be managed. Approximately 75% of the FPS Economy’s employees use a customized version of

The case study shows that there are several advantages and disadvantages of Most of these advantages and disadvantages can be attributed to the FPS Economy’s unique organizational context. Previous research has suggested that lacks support for large scale migration projects. However, as can be seen in this case study, the FPS Economy succeeded in a large scale migration project. An additional advantage of is that it is free to use (Mason, 2006). The FPS Economy is also able to use the Open Document Format as it is the primary format of all office suites in Belgium. In addition, OpenDocument is an international standard.

In the FPS Economy, also has several advantages, such as being customizable to the user’s specific applications, having database support, and having text formatting tools. OpenOffice.

Mainly, financial transactions are processed in the FPS Economy. In fact, it is a finance company that uses Furthermore, one university uses, and it has been decided to include as a mandatory standard office suite. The main requirements of the university were that the office suite must be able to deal with most relevant formats, such as MS-Office files. In addition, the primary requirement was a quality similar to MS-Office. For support of the organization, only one office suite will be supported internally, namely Due to the nature of financial transactions, it was decided to use only one office suite,

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OpenOffice Features

  • File Open, Save, etc…
  • Simple drag and drop from Windows Explorer
  • Compressed ZIP, 7z, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gzip, bzip2, ISO, RAR, CAB, etc
  • Manage emails
  • Spreadsheet integration
  • Document presentation
  • Forms
  • Hyperlinks – special address
  • Google gadgets
  • Very basic embedded MS-Word
  • Can import and export from almost any source
  • Import functions from OpenOffice (.xml files), Microsoft Excel (.xml or.xls files), Word (.doc or.docx), PowerPoint (.ppt or.pptx), Visio (.vsd) and Planner (.plan) files
  • Import functions to OpenOffice (.odt or.odp files) and MS Office (.docx or.xlsx)

What’s new in OpenOffice

What's new in OpenOffice

  • There is an updated installer for Linux. For the Macintosh, the installer and documentation have been revamped.
  • There are new icons and many other improvements.
  • Macros are now more stable.
  • Many bugs and compatibility problems have been fixed.
  • There are new features for Access, Calc, Impress, Math and Writer.

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