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To automate the process, Download EASEUS Todo Backup is equipped with a Disk Imaging function, which makes the entire process a cinch. Partition Recovery, Restore and Clone are the three different ways that the program can restore your system partition. When you clone, it automatically creates a complete image file of the original system partition. This clone can be used to create bootable media such as restore DVD, USB flash drive or even partition. With partition recovery, you can easily recover a partition and either restore it to a new drive or rebuild it from the clone.

This article is intended to introduce the basic functions of EASEUS Todo Backup Home Edition. We will go over the basic features to save your time and effort to buy a more suitable program for your needs.

To save time and space, the program stores its database and EML files in its own location. Instead of using a common sub-folder, the files are directly linked to the location of its database and EML files, such that it can be easily deployed even across multiple computers on different locations.

If you need more options from EASEUS Todo Backup, you can purchase the latest version from the website or from Amazon.

Paid Download: There are two different versions with different features: Home ($39.95 annual or $59.95 perpetual) and Workstation ($49.95 annually or $69.95 perpetual). Home edition includes the Smart Backup feature, disk/partition/system cloning and Outlook email backup. The Workstation edition includes the Removable Drive Replicator, Security Zone (Security Zone feature in the workstation edition) and the file recovery mode that allows you to recover partition data, recover entire drives and recover files/folders in a partition.

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Your files are in the Source column and the destination in the Destination column. Im not sure what this means exactly, but it seems to be that if you choose to restore from the file system (most backups are taken from the file system), it will restore to the most recently used folder on the destination machine.

Below is the screen shot for the Back-to-back transfer. Note that you can use three or more transfers to move data between drives or from a NAS drive. You can even transfer from an external hard drive or boot disk if you havent previously made a system image file on this external backup medium.

1. There are more choices in the interface. For example, it allows you to browse and select backup jobs one-by-one or select multiple jobs at once. There are also many ways to navigate between jobs, including the ability to reverse-drill-down. And while only a couple of things are shown in the image below, I didnt really explore the other options. Other examples in the image below include a scroll-down button for navigating between the selected jobs, an Export button to immediately download the backup job as a file (which can be much smaller than the image in this review), a Report option to send detailed information to an email address, and a Replace button that enables you to overwrite the file with data from a restore job in the list.

Manual Backup

Create Backup Disk

Backup Settings

Backup Schedule

Steps for System Transfer
1. Create a bootable media to transfer system backup from the external drive to another external drive, set to boot from the bootable media.
2. Insert the external drive into the target computer, connect it to the target computer, and power on.

3. On theTarget Computer‘sStartmenu, select Device Manager, then locateEFI/CLOVERin the list and click it, Then selectUEFI Firmware Settings,UninstallEfi/Cloverin the list, and clickApply to complete the installation.

4. Restart the computer, reconnect to the bootable media, and select the System Transferoption from WinPE menu.

5. Choose the system backup file in the prompted window, then click OK.

6. Select the target drive that you want to restore the system backup to, and click Next to initiate the process.

7. After the recovery is properly completed, you can reboot your computer, disconnect the bootable media, and set to boot from the target drive.

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EASEUS Todo Backup 14.1.20220805 Description

And if you want to use a free backup app on Mac, then theres an option for that too with the best free backup software for Mac. The simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface makes it the best free backup software for Mac. Its also very easy to add your favorite FTP site too. Mac users can choose to back up to FTP sites. Well done.

Vast majority of the backup software as were just one step update than their previous versions. For ex., I have heared The Wuala Project sued Wuala and its alternatives, has also sued SuperDuper, told Wuala not to use SuperDuper to back up with its Wuala Pro service (Paid version), and also sued the Mac version of SuperDuper. But Wuala Pro is not available for free anymore.

If you are familiar with all the other free backup software, you might want to consider a paid version of EaseUs Todo Backup. This best backup software comes with a very smooth backup experience, backed with a powerful recovery option. To start a new backup, users need to only select a backup source and select a storage destination. You can quickly backup your files or you can back up OS, any partition, a specific folder, or even the whole hard drive. Easeus is safe and secure to use for your data.

Todo Backup is one of the best free backup software for Windows users. Its simple, fully functional, full of features, and simple to use GUI. To create a backup, Windows users need only choose a backup target, select the drives or folders to be backed up, and click start. Todo Backup supports hard drive, portable devices, network drives, FTP and so on. It also contains a portable version, which can work on any Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 system.

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EASEUS Todo Backup 14.1.20220805 Features

EASEUS Todo Backup 14.1.20220805 Features

  • Backup & Recovery for Windows, Android, and WebOS
  • No need to install additional software for backup
  • Backup all Windows C: and Linux including LVM
  • Backup & Restore by taking photo of the screen
  • Snapshot function takes snapshot of the whole system
  • Backup & Recovery for all devices including iOS, Android and WebOS
  • Recovery for Windows, Android and WebOS without recovery partition
  • Create restore images for Windows and Android
  • Create restore image for iOS/IPHONE
  • Support for partitions
  • Full partition, NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT
  • Burn Windows image to CD/DVD
  • EaseUS Todo Backup User Interface
  • History Back, Restore Time/Date, Copy Software, Restore Contacts, Restore Bookmarks, Restore History, Restore System Settings

What’s new in EASEUS Todo Backup 14.1.20220805

What's new in EASEUS Todo Backup 14.1.20220805

  • Get more backup space with 5 different system types and a maximum of 10 devices per system type.
  • Quick & simple setup with a wizard-like interface.
  • Folder lock option
  • The new intuitive restore function with an integrated backup recovery tool.
  • Supporting Windows Server 2019 for Windows Server backup
  • Properly handling corrupt (damaged) files in your backups
  • Optimized scanning speed for faster backup and restore

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