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Blue prints are too slow and Gp not the way in some cases
Pro workflow better for others
Bpym can be too processor heavy for little mon
Gpm is better to use in future
blendertabs… its good but over the time need to be improved.
No new features without a backup plan
Xprime was a big part of blender xchangemode but now it’s not kept up.
Issues with LWS integrated in blender
Impact on large polygon rendering
blendertabs haven’t been updated for years…

I’m tired of Blender 2D having annual support releases, which I assume will be supported for one year at most, because hardware and software could break for a year before they are released in a regular update. If it was me, I would release all versions of Blender that are on annual support, and once a year, do a major revision that contains all the features they added, fixes the bugs they had, as well as stabilize them for a year. But, I’m not Blender, so I’ll leave this to people who know better than I do.

I think we should try to communicate with the user base what version numbers mean, and then we should try to improve the way we do the 3.x release numbering. One way to do it is to have a 3.2 release and then write something like “OK we fixed all the bugs, added new features, built stuff, released it as 3.2”. Ideally, we need to have this discussion with the Blender project’s leaders before the first 3.2 is released.

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Blender version 3.2 release was released on 2015-10-29

in the previous 1.80 series. This will continue for as long as Blender 3.2 is supported. Please remember: the official Blender version numbers have nothing to do with the release dates, they are just the development release version numbers which never get rolled into the release version numbers until the final version gets rolled out. Blender 3.2 was announced by Blender 3.2, released by Blender 3.2, and supported by Blender 3.2 until it was superseded by Blender 3.3.

P.S. This is an experiment and if you don’t like the schedule I’ve made up, then we can always go back to the normal Blender release schedule and I promise to keep this announcement to a minimum.

However, I think the numbering by YY.MM gives a somewhat better indication about what is new in the release, and for that reason I think it will probably be easier for users to keep track of. The big change would be to remove Blender version numbers from the release page. The announcement this week also suggests that we can expect release versions in the form of XY.YY.MM where X is some random number and YY is the year and MM is a comma-delimited sequence of months. It seems like both of these methods will make it simpler for users to track the releases. This will also be the first time in Blender’s history that the Blender version number does not correspond to the actual release date.

I agree that the LTS is good. Ideally some of the bug fixes get backported to the mainstream release. I am already using the Linux version. It is workable with the 3D viewport in open mode. There are still issues with rendering, especially when lighting. I dont know of any fixes in the issue tracker for this issue. I think some aspects of Blender’s rendering could be improved in terms of using the GPU. Doing that will also get better performance. The real problem with the rendering is that the SOP’s for importing and exporting are so poor. If someone could make a campaign to improve those, then we can get more support for the Linux version too.

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Blender 3D 3.2.1 Review

Note that I am not saying that Blender is ready yet, and that I don’t think Blender is ready to be on par with Unity and Unreal. I know that Blender is working on it, so it’s not ready, and it won’t be ready for 5 or 6 years. It just needs to get people who are already making 3D art games using Unreal and Unity to start using Blender, and it has to become compelling enough to those people to make them want to switch. At that point, Blender becomes compelling.

The preview file is a nice tool but I don’t see anything stopping blenders developers from entering their existing data in other file format. It would have been nice to have an example scene in one of the default formats used by the student. It’s also great to preview the custom render. Don’t hide that feature.

Also unless their benchmark isnt rigged who can say that outbaking an engine that has a far better interface and for which you can buy a subscription for is actually a feature they added instead of the other way around.
Again if at all possible, please let us be able to easily export out to different engines without having to export through the interface, by which i mean that with the very latest versions of the Blender 2D/3D engine you could actually just hit export to file and youre done without any additional work. I know this conflicts with the entire Blender concept of non-linear editing (and direct non-linear editing) which is one of the best aspects of Blender and for many of us a reason to use Blender. But, IDGAF, blender is still the workhorse of all animations and there is a lot of outdated software, especially in the animation industry that doesnt use the latest version of Blender. Who doesnt use Blender? I dont know either, but I have a strong feeling that, considering the fact that they pretty much have rewritten the entire codebase and are pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel with stability theyd be better off to focus on keeping 2/3D up to date and focus on animations than focusing on a broken concept.

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Blender 3D 3.2.1 Features

Blender 3D 3.2.1 Features

  • New Accelerated GPU computing (Using Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL)
  • Numerous gameplay and animation improvements
  • New Node Editor and Behavior Trees
  • New particle systems
  • Performance Improvements and optimisations
  • New Post Processing Pipeline
  • New deformers
  • New Selection and Collision systems
  • New Materials
  • New Python scripts

Blender 3D 3.2.1 System Requirements

Blender 3D 3.2.1 System Requirements

  • Your hardware and operating system are compatible with Blender. See our system requirements .
  • Some of our dependencies require a 64-bit system. This means you must have a 64-bit Intel machine with a 64-bit operating system to use Blender.

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