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A lot of people learn Adobe Photoshop first and then come into Creative Cloud. It is as if they learned to do art and then learned to build products for themselves. Thats awesome and what they love. It can be a bit intimidating for students who are just starting out or who’ve never touched anything like this before.

A lot of people have loved the fact that they can be creative. They get to build things, they get to create art, they get to help other people with their work. They get to make their own creative decisions.

I use the programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but I also have taught students how to use the tools. Working with students, I can show them, “You know what, you can use this technology and you can be successful doing that.

Susan Burghardt, a color theory and design instructor at George Mason University, liked the freedom of Adobe Express. You can mix digital video and still images to create an animation of the first human steps on the moon. You can find a variety of timelines to choose from, and you can quickly turn images into motion in seconds. Adobe Express is the software of choice for graphic designers, says Burghardt.

Although I am not always a fan of Adobe, I use it because it is what I was taught to use as an artist in school, she says. And from a technical standpoint, I find Adobe Creative Cloud Key to be easier than learning another video editing program. Its not a secret that I am a little biased.

The process was fun for everyone, says Dr. Mitra. Students became more engaged in research, as they got to hear about the contributions of overlooked figures of color. In addition, it helped students gain confidence in their abilities to effectively communicate through Adobe Express.

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We featured 5 best Photoshop keynotes from 2012 last year. This year there were a few breakout moments like Google’s deep learning algorithms for photo adjustment, Photoshop’s new look , the new features for best-in-class video workflow, Photoshop Max and some cartooning goodness . We’ll be featuring a few of these new features in the weeks ahead, as they debut in creative workflows.

And what about apps like Adobe XD? Adobe XD 1.0 was my favorite Adobe app from last year. As it’s launched with Creative Cloud, Adobe XD will benefit from speed ups, performance enhancements, and new features. 

Available to creative professionals, students and others this summer, Creative Cloud Express is free and enabled by a Creative Cloud account. It opens a world of possibilities for all of the content we create across desktop, mobile and social. Our goal with Creative Cloud Express is to make it easy for anyone to edit, create and share rich multimedia content to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat, and Web sites like Google, WordPress and blogs.

Creative Cloud Express delivers one unified digital experience for high-quality multimedia creation, distribution and sharing without having to switch between applications and go to multiple websites.

Creative Cloud Express is a web-based version of the Creative Cloud desktop application, available to Mac and Windows users, and provides a seamless way to access all of the content and features of Photoshop CC, Photoshop Lightroom CC, Adobe Character Animator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe XD CC, After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and so much more, right inside your browser. A Creative Cloud account is required to use Creative Cloud Express and is included in the price of your paid Creative Cloud subscription.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Review

I used to work in the Film/TV industry. So I have been using Adobe products since ’01. I am on a college discount plan at the moment & it is very nice to have all my programs in one place. The software has improved a lot over the years. I am transitioning from Photoshop to Lightroom.& switching to the new Lightroom CC & loving it. Adobe has been a great company to do business with and I can’t speak more highly of them.

I prefer the Adobe suite over the alternatives. For my purpose, I have mainly used Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator. The product is lacking in some areas. I have a Macbook Pro and my program is the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), which comes with free all the apps.

Adobe Creative Cloud provides mobile users a range of benefits. The subscriber has access to the entire suite of Creative Cloud services from any device, meaning you dont need a desktop machine to run the software.

You can expect to be dazzled by powerful tools that let you create beautiful websites, animated video or stunning 3D images, Adobe Edge, the worlds most popular multimedia and creative development software. This piece of software helps you start, design, animate and share your digital stories. Blend and composite images, create a swatch library, use 3D objects and transformations, and work on CSS3 for web design and motion graphics with amazing ease. Adobe Photoshop Express has been constantly updated with new tools that let you edit your photos in your web browser and have a better mobile experience. Its quick to use and build images like a pro.

Adobe Edge Animate CC lets you easily create interactive, animated videos, presentations, and web pages that can be embedded in the web. Its a good option to have as it lets your designs and work live online.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Features

Adobe Creative Cloud Features

  • Advanced graphic editing features like new styles, colors, and shapes as well as new visual effects

  • Collaborate in real-time and across platforms with new real-time collaboration features

  • Create online presentations, including Adobe Presenter, HTML5 Flash, and HTML5 canvas

  • Hierarchical image management with Creative Cloud Spaces

What’s new in Adobe Creative Cloud

What's new in Adobe Creative Cloud

  • New ways to get maps and imagery in layers directly from an ArcGIS Enterprise organization
  • Create unlimited maps for free
  • Edit images and designs directly in the map
  • Create new maps in a connected account

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